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Western Cocktail Experience


Howdy, y’all! Behind the swinging doors of the Moonshine Saloon, new outlaws can rub shoulders with the locals, try their luck at cards or dice games and enjoy a barrel load of illicit drinks. Just be sure to keep yourself quiet if the Sheriff is in town and asks any questions… he’s come close to catching Cassidy before!

Character Add-ons

Get a costume and character unique to you! Choose from the Deputy Sheriff, Brothel Keeper or the Mayor and play out an integral part of the immersive storyline. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, it’s the perfect way to make the experience extra memorable for the birthday boy/girl, hen or stag in your party!


Become the Brothel-Keeper: As the owner of the local Brothel House, “Sissy’s”, this individual is partial to a bribe or two to feedback incriminating intel to Mr Clyde Cassidy about the Law enforcers who frequently visit. Through the Brothel and your trusty troops of harlots and varlots, you know a huge deal about the wrongdoing of Coldwater’s residents and visitors alike.
Finibus Tortor - Moonshine Saloon London - Western Cocktail Experience


Become the Mayor: It is always a jovial occasion when the Mayor is welcomed to the Saloon. With your popular promise to “Clean up Coldwater”, you are the last person the Sheriff would suspect to be involved in the moonshine business. This will prove hugely valuable to Mr Cassidy.
Finibus Tortor - Moonshine Saloon London - Western Cocktail Experience


Become the Deputy: This individual is on the payroll of Mr Clyde Cassidy and is his informant inside the Law. The Deputy earns good money, albeit dirty, through Mr Cassidy to ensure the Sheriff doesn’t poke his nose in the business. If the commanding Sheriff happens to pay a visit be sure to keep your involvement in the empire cahoots!
Finibus Tortor - Moonshine Saloon London - Western Cocktail Experience


  • Lee B.

    We had a great time here! Some cracking cocktails, great acting, and some great laughs had! Paying the little bit extra for our friend to be a little more involved was well worth it too. Highly recommend. Thanks so much!

  • Clare I.

    Great cocktail experience in London!! Well worth the money because it's a very intimate and fun theatrical experience that serves amazing cocktails!

  • B X

    Howdy! What a great experience, we came here for mine & my partners birthday and we had an amazing time. Best cocktails we’ve ever had, great acting and loved being involved. We were so immersed that it felt weird stepping back into the real world! Cant wait to do their other experiences

  • Chris M.

    I was bought here on my Stag Party as a surprise so I had no idea what to expect. This turned out to be the highlight of my day! The interactions with the actors and the story that everyone became a part of was amazing! The cocktails were fantastic and the atmosphere was brilliant!

  • Wendy T.

    What an absolutely fun evening. So different. Loved the decor, actors/staff excellent characters. Drinks were brill too.

Practical info

  1. Date: From 6th September 2023
  2. Session times:
    Wed-Thu: 7:05pm
    Fri: 7:05pm and 9:30pm
    Saturday: 12pm, 2.15pm, 4:40pm, 7:05pm and 9:30pm
  3. Duration: 1hr 45mins
  4. Location: 28-30 Houndsditch London, EC3A 7DB
  5. Age requirement: 18+ with valid ID.
  6. Accessibility: This experience is fully accessible.
  7. Dress code: No dress code required, you’ll be provided appropriate attire to not look out of place and draw attention from the Sheriff.
  8. Please note: BYOB alcohol (all mixers, juices, fruit and syrup will be provided at the venue). You can consult the FAQs of this experience here.
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Where is Moonshine Saloon?

28-30 Houndsditch, London. EC3A 7DB

Closest railroads are Liverpool Street Station and Aldgate station, both a short walk away.

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For the first time ever, The Moonshine Saloon and Black Deer Live invite you to experience the heart of Americana Country with a night of incredible live music. Come experience Next Stop Nashville.
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Live Music Special Event - Moonshine Saloon London - Western Cocktail Experience

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